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Born in Mutare in April 1968. His totem is ‘Humba’, the wild pig.

Herbert completed his primary education in his rural area of Dora Dombo. While at school there, he used to enjoy creating wooden plates, yokes, spoons and cooking sticks. His four year secondary education took place in the city of Mutare. Due to the change of environment, he left wood work and chose agriculture as his practical subject.

After achieving ‘O’ level passes in Agriculture, Shona language, Geography, and Science his parents were not able to afford further education, so Herbert decided to seek employment with a construction company. He began working as an assistant carpenter, accepting promotions to assistant wages clerk as time progressed. In 1992, due a national drought, as well as financial difficulties, the company was forced to close down.

He says, “The world changed at that time for me. I met Jonathon Mlanga and Amon Dhliwayo who are talented fine-art carvers.” Mlanga was the person who gave Herbert strong inspiration on stone carving. His future plans include becoming a popular artist both locally in Zimbabwe and internationally and he is well on his way.