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Decor from imagination and nature - created by the hands of empowered artists earning a living through hard work, skill, and talent! That really says it all. There is so much factory made, soul-less garbage in our lives, and we want that to change. We all feel more comfortable when surrounded by not only original, and unique art, or furniture, but especially by art that was created from raw, earthy, natural elements, and by actual human beings. No two pieces can possibly be the same.

Exploring the Beauty of Zimbabwean Stone Sculptures

A world where everything is made by automated machines seems very depressing aesthetically of course, but also for the people who rely on their skills to earn a living. We send send so much aid to alleviate poverty, but it is so much better on so many levels to just do business with people, thus empowering them. The artists we work with in Zimbabwe are not waiting for foreign charity, they earn a living by creating value, objects of beauty for us all to enjoy. This is how generations of artists have supported their families and improved their lives. We have been working with Zimbabwean artists since 1998, and over the years have forged many great relationships.

Championing Amazing Stone Artists

It's fascinating, and inspiring to see not only how incredibly hard working they are, but also how ingenious and creative they are, always finding solutions to challenges. It is so important to us to follow fair trade practices, where in the end we all win, and benefit from the relationship.