Zimbabwean Sculpture - Family, Love & Relationships

We are so excited to dive deeper into the world of Zimbabwean art with our "Family, Love & Relationships" collection at Meyavé. This special collection brings to life the deep emotional ties and intricate dynamics of family, love, and relationships through one-of-a-kind Zimbabwean stone sculptures. 

Each hand-carved sculpture from natural stone tells its own story of connection, protection, and affection. Here are a few of our favorites from this fabulous collection.


Protective Family by Farai Nyakanyanza
Dimensions: 17"H x 8"W x 4.5"D - 25 lbs.


This abstract depiction of a close family was sculpted in Zimbabwe by Farai Nyakanyanza from serpentine stone, with the figures' heads crafted separately and attached with pins. 


The artwork initially appears greyish-white while it is shaped using a combination of chisels, rasps (files), and sometimes a grinder. Following the shaping, the sculpture is refined through progressive sanding from coarser to finer grits until it achieves a smooth finish. 


The transformative moment occurs when the sculpture is heated with fire or a blow torch, and floor wax is applied. As the stone absorbs the hot wax, its rich colors emerge. Once cooled, the sculpture is buffed with a cloth, bringing it to a shine.


Reminiscing by Bryan Chapenga
Dimensions: 18.5"H x 32"W x 14"D - 145


This beautiful sculpture was crafted from a single piece of spring stone by Bryan Chapenga. It features two figures in an intimate and reflective pose. We love how the figures are smoothly rendered and how the dark, polished surface accentuates the contours and emotional resonance of the piece. We can’t help but wonder what shared memories or thoughts the figures are engrossed in. 


The use of spring stone, known for its durability and fine texture, gives this piece a striking finish, making it a profound expression of human connection and reflection.


Unforgettable Moments of Love by Vernon Nyagweta.
Dimensions: 16" H x 19.5" W x 7.5" D - 101 lbs.


This sculpture is a captivating and tender depiction of intimacy and connection. Crafted from green opal stone in Zimbabwe, this piece showcases two figures in a serene and affectionate embrace. The sculpture's texture contrasts beautifully, combining polished, smooth surfaces with more rugged, untouched stone areas, adding a rich depth and tactile quality.


The figures are portrayed with stylized faces, and their bodies flow into each other, symbolizing a deep unity and emotional bond. The use of green opal stone gives the sculpture a warm, inviting glow with variegated hues that highlight the intricate details and curves of the artwork.


This piece not only reflects Vernon Nyagweta's skill with stone but also his ability to evoke strong emotions and storytelling through his sculptures. It's a beautiful representation of love's enduring moments, crafted with both precision and passion.

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Meyave Valentine by Bamusi Dzimupewani
Dimensions: 9.5H x 10.5W 3D


The sculpture by Bamusi Dzimupewani is a striking representation of love, carved from a single piece of serpentine stone in Zimbabwe. This piece features a natural rock exterior that frames a meticulously carved heart-shaped void at the center, creating a dynamic contrast between the stone's rugged texture and the smooth, polished finish inside the heart


More Than Just Art

These sculptures are more than just art; they are stories carved in stone, offering us a glimpse into the sculptors' deep respect for familial ties and romantic connections. Each sculpture shows the artists' dedication to celebrating the human experience and, perhaps on some level, encourages us all to reflect on our own relationships and the moments that shape our lives.


Stay connected with us for more insights into the world of art and culture at Meyavé, where every sculpture tells a story, and every story inspires a connection.