Stone sculpture of a girl reading a book. The stone color is white, with the more sanded and smooth areas being slightly a cream color, or off white. The dimensions are 16.5”H x 10”W x 11.5”D - 60 lbs.

Curious Student

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16.5"H x 10"W x 11.5"D - 60 lbs. FFREE LOCAL DELIVERY. Price includes shipping anywhere in the continental USA. For local pick up or delivery, please enter discount code "LOCAL" for 20% off.  

“Curious Student” was sculpted from a single piece of white opal stone, in Zimbabwe, by Jonathan Mhondorohuma. The sculpture is first shaped, using a combination of chisels, rasps (files), and sometimes a grinder. Once shaped, the sculpture will still be rough because of the rasp’s rough teeth, so the next stage is sanding to get the texture smooth. Each grit of sandpaper, from the roughest to the finest, is used until the stone is super smooth. While many Zimbabwean sculptors polish their work with floor wax, Jonathan decided to leave this piece un-polished. The polished sculptures can fade in a lot of heat, so as well as being a stunning indoor sculpture, it would be great as a garden piece because there is no wax to fade. It will remain like this forever, with no maintenance required.

Because each piece is created by hand, and the coloration in each stone is different, the sculpture you are looking at is exactly the one you will receive. Please keep in mind that because these are natural stones, there are always flaws and imperfections. We have taken the clearest photos possible to show everything, but we believe that is also the beauty of these sculptures, that they were not produced in a factory, but rather by actual people, using natural stones quarried in the hills and mountains of Zimbabwe.